Cantras (starlitsiren) wrote in thequestionclub,

I keep adding questions...

Yay TMI-ish questions.

1. Someone here once identified themselves as a "menstruation activist" or something similar, and when asked to explain what they were for/against, said something about how there are... I think the number was 48? Some fairly large number of methods of dealing with menstruation and girls generally only know/are told about 2. I can think of four- tampons, pads, those cup things, and mentral extractors... what are the others?

2.1 I have fun friends, who are mostly coupled off. So, sometimes(often) the conversation turns to sexual things, and sometimes it's brought up that I don't do fellatio. My boyfriend is fine with this, other guys seem to not care since I'm not their girlfriend... It's always the female friends who are weirded out/can't seem to believe this. They tell me that if I change my mind they could give me tips, or that my gag reflex would fade/I'd get used to it after a few times... Why do they *care*? In the back of my mind I almost think they don't like it either and it's a misery loving company kind of thing.
2.2 How about you? do you think "eh, that's her business/between her and her boyfriend", or "huh, I bet she's just being childish about it/she'd change her mind of she tried"? and are you male/female?

3. Not TMI question: To you, what is the difference(if any) between flip out and freak out? Boyfriend uses them interchangeably, but to me to 'flip out' is to be smashing-things-angry, and to 'freak out' is to be whimpering/shrieking-hiding-under-the-bed-afraid.

4. Another not TMI one. My new roommate has a tribble. In Bruce Coville's "My teacher..." series, this kid.. peter? is getting his brain taken out for study. and one of his alien friends gives him a pet. I think he named it Poot, after the noise it makes. I think the description was something like a warm furry humming slug, and if you pulled it apart it made two of them. at some point in the books, all the little Poots made from pulling him/his other bits apart join together to make a Poot the size of a bus and they eat the kid... What was that species? and why did they eat the kid? I know there was a good reason.

5. I have paypal. I have a verified bank account. That 40 cents or so that they put in the account to have me confirm how much they put in and prove it's mine... what happens with those? Will they deduct that the first time I move money from paypal to my bank, or what?
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