narcassistic flowers everybody!!! (d_capricorn09) wrote in thequestionclub,
narcassistic flowers everybody!!!

Do you dislike long posts that really take forever to get to the question part?

Becase I remember this one time I was reading this question and it was really really long and I dont really remember what it was about because it was so long that I was zoning out a little bit in the middle of it so I wasnt really paying attention to what the person was talking about, so I was like reading with my eyes but not my brain, does that make sense? well thats not the question that I was getting at now was it, I mean the question is really already at the top of the page huh? thats not the question either. I mean really, are you still even reading this? I was just trying to be funny buy asking about if you dont like reading long things, and here you are doing exactally that, are you a hypocrite? well I guess you only are if you say that you do indeed dislike long questions that dont really have a point, oh, and that wasnt the question either, well I guess you can answer that if you want to, i mean, what can I do about it? you can answer all the question in this post if you want to you know? like that one, I mean, you can just keep reading and keep answering my question, I mean, you are sill reading arent you? well if you are, maybe you should stop because I will stop typing soon. I mean like really soon, like maybe even in mid sent

Got bored with that one to easily.

Would you rather eat a (live) spider the size of a shot glass, or a shot glass?

Never be able to laugh, or never be able to cry?
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