Jac (majesticjac) wrote in thequestionclub,

I come with a question concerning my grandma. She has a sweating issue. She said that she sweats a lot, that just moving around makes her sweat. Example, she can take a shower and by the time she's gotten dressed she'll be wet with sweat. Today she said that a few months ago she's started sweating even just sitting, that she doesn't need to be moving around to get it. She said that she's talked to her doctor and (s)he doesn't know what it is, she's tried searching online about it and a couple friends of hers have tried searching about it and still nothing. Note that she said its sweating from the waist up and that it's not the hands and feet. She said that most sweat-related 'issues' found online were related to hands/feet.

So my question is, do you know anything about what this could be? Have you ever known anyone with this issue?
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