KT (katyism) wrote in thequestionclub,

Do you choose a medical specialty, or does it choose you?

I heard somewhere that if you don't do so well in medical school, you don't have many choices for what kind of practice you will have. This was in a conversation that started with an offhand comment about how all podiatrists (foot doctors) went to crappy medical schools and/or made bad grades. It was also said that general practitioners and proctologists (butt doctors) were in the same echelon.

I mean obviously if you want to be a brain surgeon you're going to have to do lots of special training and do great in your medical program (sorry, I don't know much about how the whole thing works), but is the opposite true? I am not sure I believe this, but on the other hand... who goes to med school WANTING to be a foot doctor, etc?
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