honey nut chex mix (honeynutchexmix) wrote in thequestionclub,
honey nut chex mix

kitten PTSD

My roommate has a kitten, and I just accidentally caught the very tip of her tail in a door I was closing. A chunk of fur came off, but I don't think I broke her tail or did any permanent damage.

Anyway, now the kitten is running around the apartment and meowing really loudly, two things she NEVER does. This kitten is freaking out. Is this kitten post-traumatic stress disorder? She doesn't seem to actually be hurt, but I can't tell. What is going on/ what should I do?

ETA: My roommate came home, and the kitten seems ok now, it appears her tail is just scraped. If she still seems like she's in pain tomorrow, we're going to call the vet. Thanks!
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