Valera (valera) wrote in thequestionclub,

The N word

Well, it's a bunch of questions on the same topic - a mini survey of sorts.

1. What do you think of the term "african american"? As I understand, it now went out of style and "black" is preferred.
2. Well, how about the word "black", when referring to persons of black african ancestry?
3. Obviously "nigger" is a racial slur and is unacceptable, but it all originates from"niger", which is latin for "black". Thus, in a number of cultures variants of 'niger' are the normal terms for persons of black african origin. In US "negro" used to be the norm and, as I understand, was not insulting. How about now, what do you think of the word "negro"?
4. Russia, for example, used "negr" to refer to blacks; it's not considered to be an insult. What do you think of people in other countries using such variants of "niger"? While speaking their language, do you think they should immediately switch to using a different term when they move to or visit the US?
5. To get a better insight at your answers, of which race/ethnicity are you?

My answers:
1. I think it's stupid for a number of reasons. a) There are white people from africa. Are they African Americans? b) Should all people in US be termed according to the continent they come from? I was born in Europe, but my ancestors (some 2000 years ago) are from Israel. So should I be a European American or a Middle-Eastern American? I prefer being 'white' when the need arises to differentiate between folks of different skin colours.
2. I think this should be the norm. It's not insulting and it's not silly.
3. It sounds a little odd to me. Probably because of the connotations the word "nigger" has come to bear.
4. I'm not sure re this one. On one had, people should try not be insulting to others, even if they don't mean to be. On the other, folks here should be understanding of other cultures and shouldn't be offended when no offense is meant. Yup, I don't know...
5. Mostly white.. :)

UPDATE: As some of you seem to be taking it as a joke - please don't. I'm genuinely interested in the topic. So if you've got nothing of value to contribute, just ignore the post.
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