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TQC, i need a little boost...

I have a passion to work in this (certain) field; I'm slowly but surely will have a career in that field one day.

However, the past couple of years- the more stories i hear about "seniority figures" trying to be all "gawd-like" and ending up acting like blockheads, the more discouraged i feel to work in this field. It seems like only 2 out of the 10 people in this profession are sincere in what they do and they're truly in it for the "right" reasons. I feel like, once i enter in that field - i might be fighting a losing battle; more/less- dealing with a bunch of money grubbing idiots. I don't want to be judged nor stereotyped at the end. I think the number one concern i have that has kept me from entering into this field is the fear of being wrong.

Have you ever felt like this before TQC? What should I do?
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