A nervous breakdown divided into nine innings. (sarahonlife) wrote in thequestionclub,
A nervous breakdown divided into nine innings.

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My brother is a stand-up comedian and has gotten a gig doing stand-up for cancer survivors. So he is trying to write some cancer related jokes and called me, his resident cancer expert, for ideas. However, I am not a stand-up comedian and can't think of a lot of things that would be turned into a funny story.

So far I've come up with something about how having cancer saves you so much time in your day, since you don't have to shave anymore, and what would happen if someone you hated shaved their head to "support" you and now you have to be nice to them. I'm also thinking there's a joke somewhere about how good one becomes at vomiting, but I'm not sure how that joke would work yet.

Do you have any ideas, TQC? Just general areas, you don't actually have to write a joke or anything.
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