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I don't believe in Cheesus

1) What movie do you love that is well known for being a really really awful movie?

I absolutely LOVE Dirty Work. Artie Lang and Norm MacDonald kill me in this flick.

What are yours?

Its also John Lennons birthday today. Tonight I will be celebrating with my pseudo-boy, we will drink Irish Whiskey and I get frisky with eachother and I'll be playing some Lennon songs on my guitar and singing my little heart out.

2) What will you be doing tonight in honor of the one who was the Walrus?

3) If you aren't going to celebrate Lennons birthday, do you celebrate any celebrity/rockstar/musician type on their birthday or deathday..just in memory, paying respects and what not?

4) If you had those thin crust spinach pizzas from Trader Joe's, what would you put on them to embelish the already out-of-this-world flavors? Crumbled Feta? Brie? Black olives? KALAMATA? OO..pine nuts!

5) at 11:30pm I drove all the way across town to pick up my friend who was smashed drunk. His other option was to walk a long long way home, which could have got him arrested for being drunk in public. I took him home, cuddled up in bed with him, but couldn't sleep so went home. How awesome of a friend am I? How mad should I be if he doesnt call me tomorrow to thank me profusely and offer to come spend Lennons day with me?
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