Cantras (starlitsiren) wrote in thequestionclub,

1. Why is my cell phone acting wonky? I thought I just wasn't hearing the alarm because I usually keep it on vibrate, but I grabbed it and it said the alarm had gone off at 5:40 am... which wans't right... I went to reset it, the "this is when it'll go off" screen said midnight, but when I went to set it it read the right time. When I went back to the "this is when it'll go off" screen, it still read the right time... but right now I'm thankful that the alarm is just a reminder, not something I don't usually do by myself anyway.

2. goddamn it, forgot again... gimme a sec... oh! I have a job application. It asks me my most recently attended school, which is the Uni I'm going to right now. The uni covers... I think three zip codes, maybe 4... so What do I put in that blank? what do I put for phone number, street address? Shuld I put my advisor's information where it asks about my teacher/counselor? my major under department? It asks my last grade completed, and my GPA- my GPA/my last grade completed will change in about a week with finals week. Should I put down that I've completed being a freshman(what I am right now) and estimate my GPA?
(NB: the place I'm applying to is in the same city as the college, so they should know that the university campus takes up about a fourth of the city [and the students make up about 70% of the population. ha.])

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