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The previous questions about local words got me thinking about everywhere I have lived and how that has changed how I act.  I wondered if other people felt the same way about where they were raised and where they later lived.

1) What kind of area did you grow up in i.e. rural, small town, city, large city, etc.  How do you think this has impacted you and the way you act now.  Would you want to raise a family or encourage someone else to raise a family in the same area?

2) How does living near a famous place or attraction affect your views of it.  Does seeing/passing/using it on a regular basis change it or remove some of its importance?


1)  The city I grew up in has a population of about 200,000 people.  Small by comparison to LA or New York, it was the third largest city in the state.  Much of the population had a central European heritage so it wasn't as diverse as other places.  When I first left I felt unprepared for the real world.  I didn't quite know how to handle myself when it came to interacting with people in larger cities.  I also was not quite as "street savvy".  However, I think it was large enough to give me a taste of the world and make me want to see more.  I would raise small children there but think young adults would be better off in a larger city with more diversity.   

2)  When I lived in Florence, Italy I arrived there in a constant state of awe to be in a place with such history but by the time I left I almost took it for granted.  I got really used to the art everywhere and would pass it by with just a glance.  When I got back to America though I missed it.  I'm still pretty confused by my reaction.  On one hand I couldn't just go around staring at the statues for hours but on the other I don't feel right about it fading into the background.

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