Elle B. See (elbiesee) wrote in thequestionclub,
Elle B. See

1. Long story short: I'm taking an online class, my instructor had a car wreck just before school starts and is still on pain meds, and one of her assignments isn't making sense to anybody (there's a discussion board for the class, and many of us are all "bwuh?").

If I don't do that one assignment, yet still pass all my quizzes and tests, I may still pass, but not swimmingly.

Should I buck up and ask for more clarification, or just say "screw it" and ace the rest of the assignments?

If you don't know/don't care/still want to answer a question without snarking on me:

2. May be kinda NWS, depending on your job... It looks like he's nekkid, Y/N?
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