Kitten (fraises) wrote in thequestionclub,

1) The other night, there were two ambulances, four cop cars, and one fire truck outside my apartment building. BF and I rushed downstairs to see wtf was going on. Turned out that some drunk dude passed out on the front yard of the apartment. I think seven emergency service type vehicles was a little excessive. Y/N? Two of the cop cars left while we were watching, and two more showed up later.

1b) What possibly made them think that they needed so many people checking up on the random drunk dude?

1c) The cops all knew this guy, apparently he does this quite often. Have you ever passed out drunk on someone's front lawn?

2) My boyfriend painted our bedroom red on the weekend. What colours should I go with as far as accents? All the furniture is unfinished wood so we can paint/stain it whatever colour. I posted a photo in the comments.

3) Have you ever gone to a horse race? Did you place any bets?
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