Mitch (wabbitsnot) wrote in thequestionclub,

I've noticed it's mostly women on this forum. this is me taking advantage.

for lunch break, 3-4 days a week, I walk across the street to [French Food Place]. I always get a tuna sandwich. It's never any good. The tuna is too wet, the bread sloppily cut, and sometimes they forget to put fucking TOMATOES on it.

anyway I don't go there for the food. she works there as a waitress. she takes down my order, and sometimes, she even touches my hand whilst handing me the sandwich.

today I found out her name is Lauren. we had a conversation that lasted over 2 minutes (finally).

I'm not terrible with women. I don't stammer when I speak, sweat, or say obnoxious things... but it's taken me almost a year to get this girl's name. What's sad: EVERY TIME I practically run away once I have my sandwich.

Why do I do this stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid shit? will she realize I'm a complete pansy if I try talking to her more? should i try something besides the tuna sandwich?
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