Professor Tyrannosaurus Rex, PhD (i_found_jesu) wrote in thequestionclub,
Professor Tyrannosaurus Rex, PhD

tqc, please make my life decisions for me!

Have you ever transferred to a different university?

What was the experience like?
Did you have difficultly getting financial aid/scholarships for that university because you were a transfer student?
Are you glad you did it?

I'm currently a freshman at Marshall University majoring in pre-med. I really enjoy my Arabic class and I want to take it further, but MU only offers two levels of Arabic. In addition to that, we only have the class on Tuesdays and Thursdays. A friend of mine goes to the University of Virginia and she is so happy with her Arabic class; they meet five days a week and the school even offers a major in Arabic. Should I bother? I'm really interested, but I'm clueless about the transfer process. If I do switch I would still want to have my pre-med major, as well as a focus on Arabic.

What is/was your favorite subject in school (any level)?
What's your favorite type of music?
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