girlsedated (girlsedated) wrote in thequestionclub,

I applied for a job at an Urban Outfitters that isn't open yet. The inside basically has a pretty floor and a mess of construction supplies. How long do you think until it opens? Because they didn't tell me on the website and there are no people at the store.

Where would you like to take a weekend trip to? Are you going to do it?

One of my biffles just started a job today and I want to leave her a cute message since I can't go see her. Anything better than, "How was it? Call me when you get off. I hope you didn't gain ten pounds from tasting pastries"?

Does anyone know if you can play Spore offline? I am addicted, but I will be in an internetless vacuum later and want entertainment.
Is anyone else addicted to this ridiculously cute/fun game?
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