The Light Snarktastic (snarkophagus) wrote in thequestionclub,
The Light Snarktastic


1.) What about your job (or school, or crack habit, or other daily obligation) drives you insane?
     Some days I swear I'm a glorified babysitter.

2.) Why did I decide management was a good idea?
     Couldn't possibly be the paycheck...

3.) What book should I read tomorrow?

4.) Do you ever refuse to watch a movie because a particular person is in it?
     John Travolta. He always looks greasy. And Angelina Jolie. Her lips freak me out. I mean, really.

5.) Have you ever accidentally exposed yourself?
     I introduced my genitalia to the busy intersection outside my apartment. Got out of the shower, heard a raging thunderstorm, and didn't think that my blinds were open.
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