Alexandra (neglectedecho) wrote in thequestionclub,

A few questions.

1) Trading Spaces fans. Where has Paige been? I know she had a role in Chicago, are the recent episodes from when she was in NY or what?

2) Again, TS fans..who is your favtorite designer?

3) Anyone have any tips/tricks for styling your hair. I have shoulder lenght layers with fairly long bangs and I can wear it curly or straight but Im sorta bored with it. Any ideas on a way I could wear it, a fun new updo? anything, I dont know exactly what Im asking.
4) How can I do a good part? like a zig zag one or something. I have the straight ones down pat.

5) What are some of your favorite communities on LJ?

6) Do you go to sleep with the radio or TV on? a light? or is it just dark and quiet.

7) Where can I learn how to sew, All I really want to do is learn how to make purses. simple ones..

uh, yea I think thats all heres a pic for the hair question.

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