Lady Bukowski (hammersickle) wrote in thequestionclub,
Lady Bukowski

herbal / health questions.

is anyone here into holistic/herbal medicine? do you prefer it over conventional medicine? why or why not?

i started taking st. john's wort on wednesday because i've been kind of depressed for a while. i notice that i've been really moody for the past couple days, and i'm wondering if that has something to do with it. has anyone here ever taken st. john's wort? did it help you? did you have extra moodiness, and if so, did it go away once you got used to taking it? 

don't you hate it when you go to bed when you're not tired, and then wake up exhausted? this happens to me every day. is there something herbal that i can take that will make me sleep better? i have tried camomile and valerian root, but these have little to no effect. i meditate and take warm bubble baths, listen to calming music, the whole nine. but yet, i sleep very little.

also, i have some wicked rash-type thing on my elbows. the skin is pretty dry, and i have little pustules/bumps which look kind of similar to poison ivy, but they don't itch or ooze or hurt or anything. there are patches of ashy/white dry skin. what do you think this could be? (it's not like eczema or psoriasis, i am familiar with those.)

i'm not going to the doctor for any of this stuff because it's not life-threatening. i don't currently have health insurance, and although i'm not broke, i'm not loaded, either. i don't take most prescription medicines, anyhow. i believe that our society over-medicates, by far. do you agree with that? i like herbal cures much better, they are way more friendly to my body.

what kind of vitamins/supplements do you take? i take a multivitamin, vitamin c, echinacea, and st. john's wort.

what would make your day today?
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