Cristina! (cris629) wrote in thequestionclub,

ok... issue.
here's the situation, my bf and i have been together for almost a year and a half. we're doing great BUT his parents H-A-T-E me.

no real reason.

in any case, when we first started going out, they werent too crazy about it, but they were ok-ish. then they were like "have her come over every now and then so we can get to know her" but they didnt get to know me because they are loud and drunk and shit, and my parents have raised me with the "children should be seen and not heard" type of deal (basically i was too quiet for them). summer before i left for college and him for the navy, his mom went on a big mission to break us up. we survived, but his parents are still going at this now. they try to break us up all the time. now, these are some damn stubborn people. they feel that i'm not good enough for their son, that i'm after him for his money (read: their money) and that i'm just trying to get pregnant so i can trap him or something (which is crazy... if i was trying to get pregnant, i'd have done so by now!)... they think that he needs to date more people and that i'm holding him back and all these crazy things that they're saying to him just to try and get him to leave me.

so my question is... what do i do? i really want to sit down with them and be like "this is where i stand, i'm sorry that you havent gotten to know me, but maybe we could get to know one another ...." blah blah blah. but my bf doesnt want me to do this because he says that this would just upset them more. so... any less confrontational suggestions?
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