shoshie (shoshie) wrote in thequestionclub,

two pronged question.

so, my laptop broke awhile ago, and sony sent it back saying that it broke in shipping and it would cost way too much to repair so i should just buy a new one.


1. does anyone know of any good, cheap laptops that are good for college students? I don't need anything too fancy. It just needs to have wireless, a word processor, a fairly large hard drive, and be a reasonable size that I can carry it to class and such. I'm better used to PCs (my now defunct laptop was the new beautiful amazing Sony Vaio with the fabulous x-brite screen....tear) but if you know of a really good Mac, that could work too.

also, in the meantime, i'm using a fairly frankensteined computer, that a few comp-sci friends of mine made. But they put some weird version of Windows XP (Home Edition) on it, and now it keeps flashing and says I only have 4 days left till activation.

What does that mean? My boyfriend says I need an access code or something, but I'm not sure what that is or where i could get one/

I only have 4 days though, and i have like a million papers to write inbetween now and then, so help!!
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