(that girl) (likelyme) wrote in thequestionclub,
(that girl)

Buncha questions!

Does anyone else think that Miss Piggy is a drag queen?

I've been cutting my cuticles for a long time and I want to stop, but they keep growing back jaggedy and snagging on things. Is there a product specifically for dry cuticles that you'd recommend?

Olga's - a Californian based restaurant, I think? We used to have one at the mall when I was little. It served sort of pita-like meals and these wonderful things called "orange cream coolers" and had a mascot/character called Freddy Fresh Fry. Ya know what I'm talking about? What ever happened to Olga's? I haven't seen one around forever.

Do you think it's "okay" to be close-minded towards people who are close-minded themselves?

Do you like American cheese or nay? I love it :D
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