opioid naïve patient (nepheliad) wrote in thequestionclub,
opioid naïve patient

So, I'm 17, and have finally gotten my damn ears pierced.


Tell me.

1. When is it okay to touch them? I already turned the earring a little once and got a resounding chorus of DON'T DO THAT! (from the people at the jewelry shop. We went to a jewelry shop to have this done.)
2. Is there anything besides rubbing alcohol and cotton balls that I actually NEED to keep them clean and healthy?
3. What time of night should I be cleaning/turning them? More around right before sleep, or right after dinner, or ...?
4. When is the searing pain that I know most people seem not to get going to stop? (They weren't numbed.)
5. Aaanything else I should know? Further safety precautions, etc?

ETA: If there had only been a place to get them done entirely professionally, I wouldn't have attended a jewelery shop to do it - I notice that everyone agrees with me on that one. I used to think it was the Worst Thing To Do, Ever, but there are many many people around here who all got their ears done at the same place - the fact that it hurts me more than most people is because I'm really bad with any sort of prickly pain at all. 'Course, now I'm twice as scared of infection. Bah. Doom. >
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