Tiki (tikigoddess8) wrote in thequestionclub,

Why do people ask questions about things that are important to people, like their faith or their lifestyle, simply to poke fun at it and laugh about their answers? Does this seem a little, oh I don't know, childish and stupid to anyone else?

Personally, I have very little if any faith but since I went to 13 years of private schools, many of my friends are deeply faithful people. They are also some of the best people I've known, so I don't see religion as a bad thing or something to be made fun of for having. I also don't know much about pagan beliefs but I find the ideas of auras and things like that a little far-fetched for me. However I can respect the fact that many people deeply believe in such ideas, and that's their choice. I certainly wouldn't ask someone to explain their belief system to me just to make fun of them and laugh at them. One can definitely live his or her life without religion, but what's the point of poking holes in people's faith and laughing at them for it? Ugh, I get so frustrated!
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