chelle (sweetassalt) wrote in thequestionclub,

Personal Drama.

I live in Pittsburgh.  My dad's dad and his new wife live in Florida.  I have not seen them in 6 years.  They did not come to my wedding 3 years ago because they didn't want to "be hassled with travel", but they did send a check.  I am not particularly close with them, but this visit is very important to my dad, who I am quite close with.  They were supposed to visit my parents this week, who live about 30 minutes away, on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  Husband and I each have 3 jobs (that's 6 between the two of us).  We arranged our schedules so that we could have dinner with them on Tuesday.  My mother just called me (at 11pm), to tell me that the grandparents' plans have changed and they will now be visiting on (possibly) Wednesday, and (definitely) Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  Husband is in a wedding and we will be in Ohio on Friday evening and Saturday.  We both have to work on Thursday night.  Wednesday might be OK for us, but Husband is a professor and will have papers to grade for Thursday.  

Should we bother trying to get Thursday night off to spend time with them?  I kind of don't give a fuck about them, but it's very important to my Dad and I don't want to let him down.  Any insight?


Do you like Monk?  Do you like Natalie or Sharona better?

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