Macaroni Murder Lady (sylviamaris) wrote in thequestionclub,
Macaroni Murder Lady

heavily edited

Why did lj just take a massive shit in this entry that was up for 8 seconds that I then deleted?

This is a fairly self-centered post. Do you even care? Flame or ignore as you please - you have my permission. This time.......

I'd like to negotiate a tarot or other divinatory reading on a couple of subjects too personal for me to be objective on. A specifically polytheistic worldview is a plus, but that's not a deal-breaker. Comment, or just email me at sylviamaris at gmail, if you'd like to discuss it.

For a number of terribly vague reasons I'm locking down this journal even further, and making its uses more specific. To this end I'll be putting more energy into jollybootsodoom, the journal I've had sitting around for months, and if you've had any vague interest in friending me then go ahead and friend that one. Now I'm interested in meeting new people!

The self-centered portion is over. Hooray for me! Wait, no, now it is.

Will you do tarot (or runes or iching or what have) for me? Email at sylviamaris at gmail to discuss pls.

Do you want to friend me? If so, friend jollybootsodoom instead. That would be awesome.

Do you like to watch your Adult Swim premieres Friday night online, or do you like to wait until Sunday to see them "for real?"

Is it still too early to talk about surprising things that happened in Batman without a spoiler warning?
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