all aboard the s.s. (subtlesphinx) wrote in thequestionclub,
all aboard the s.s.

How long of a hiatus have you taken from Livejournal and/or TQC?
---Did you continue to 'lurk' around LJ/TQC while you were gone, or did you just leave completely for a while?

My job sucks because of a lot of upper-level dumb that I don't care to elaborate on so I'm looking for a new one! I have a background in retail sales/customer service and cosmetics; I have already applied to some department stores and The Body Shop.
Where else should I apply/what site should I use to find jobs?
(I reside within a reasonable distance to the Mall of America so the opportunities are basically limitless.)

If those questions bore you, will you please tell me about your plans for tomorrow?
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