desiderata (lux_ferre) wrote in thequestionclub,

As mentioned numerous times, I'm an educator of the sex. This means I get all of the goods- dildos, bondage equipment, lotions & potions etc nearly free, and my apartment and car are stockpiled of these items. Companies send me shit "Watch this porn! Try this new lube!" all the damn time, and I have multiples of everything.
Therefore, my friends have no problems going through my apartment/car/purse and helping themselves. At first I didn't mind because there was no point in me having 20 containers of Nipple Nibblers, but now it's fucking ridiculous. I am really upset that they think it's fine to just steal from me, but I feel it's my fault because I didn't kick this behavior in the ass from the moment it started.

How would you confront them? Just send them a bill for all of the inventory they've fucked me on?
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