American rhymes with (colbertican) wrote in thequestionclub,
American rhymes with

What do you want?
my math homework to be done already.
What do you need?
love and affection. who doesn't?
What annoys you?
slow walkers, and those who just stop in the middle of the hallway, ner'y in a group of less than three.
What do you fear?
being alone, having no purpose in life.
What is one of your phobias?
insects with many many legs. I hate how they move.
What is a little thing in life that you enjoy?
I don't know why, but I love seeing people come to the door. Like today, we were in the car waiting to pick my sister's friend up, and I just sat in the car, and I noticed the sense of anticipation I had. I just love it when people open the door.
What is one of your personality traits that you both love and hate?
I'm my own worst critic.
Why did my right ear just start randomly buzzing and then stop after about 20 seconds?
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