Cara or C.C., whichever you prefer (ms_octopus_lady) wrote in thequestionclub,
Cara or C.C., whichever you prefer

Last week, my friends invited me to go clubbing with them tonight, in celebration of another friend returning from a 3 month internship. I am currently in my college town, and they are gonna be clubbing in my hometown, which is a 3 and a half hour public transit ride away.

There has been quite a bit of family drama these past few weeks, and I think today is going to be one of the worst. My uncle died recently and everyone has been fighting about his stuff. The last of his personal items are being moved out of his apartment today, and it's mostly stuff that everyone has been arguing about since he died. Pictures, his guitars, valuable record albums, expensive electronics, etc. I have been the "mediator" or "the messenger" between my mom and her siblings ("Go tell your aunt I am taking the bass guitar, and if she doesn't like it, tell her she can go fuck herself!") as well as therapist. It's, um, stressful, to say the least.

I don't really want to go home because I know I'll get caught in all the drama, but all my friends really want me to go clubbing with them. And if I do go home, I run the risk of being so emotionally drained from dealing with my stupid family that I won't want to go out with my friends at all, resulting in my travels there to be in vain.

Should I or shouldn't I go? I'm sure my friends will understand if I explain the situation, but they'll still be really disappointed.
If you don't care, I'm making cookies. Should I use chocolate chips or M&Ms?
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