Essenity (essenity) wrote in thequestionclub,

Today was my friend's birthday.

Last Monday, I went to town with a few of my OTHER friends and while we walked around, we found this bag with a newly bought shirt and undies. The receipt was still in there and when we saw the clothing, we thought it was perfect for the friend who's birthday is today.

We quickly decided to use this perfect find as the perfect gift for this friend of ours and if the clothes didn't fit, we'd have the receipt to go swap the clothing.

This friend does not know of how the clothing came to be in our possession, she probably thinks we bought it. She loves the undies and she thinks the shirt will fit (actually, I can't remember if it was a shirt or what since I completely forgot about it until she thanked me for the undies she seems to love). It was wrapped and put into a shoe box.

Are we bad people?
Will she ever find out?
If no one knows, we won't get into shit right?
Are we going to hell?
How are we going to be punished?
What would you have done?
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