King Joe the Wicked (thewalkingman) wrote in thequestionclub,
King Joe the Wicked

Have you noticed that Wendy's commercials have gotten a lot more condescending and uppity since Dave died? They've got this attitude like they're so much better than everyone else because their burgers are "never frozen" which makes no friggin sense to me. I want my burgers stored at the proper, food safe temperature. Plus, their burgers are square, so fuck Wendy and her attitude.

So, to officially state my questions:

1. Do you think that Wendy's commercials have gotten condescending and uppity since Dave died?
2. Do you think that Mr. Clean is gay?
3. Do you think that Cap'n Crunch will ever make Admiral Crunch?
4. Is Cap'n Crunch actually in the military or is he just an asshole that makes people call him Cap'n?
5. Do you ever feel bad for the Trix rabbit when the kids take his Trix away?
6. Do you think Trix commercials are racist against rabbits?
7. Who would win in a fight between Col. Sanders and Orval Redenbacher when both men were in their prime?
8. Do you think they should get a new guy to play Dave in the Wendy's commercials, just to keep Wendy's attitude in check?
9. Would you be more or less inclined to eat Wendy's burgers if they were round instead of square.
10. Which suicidal female poet do you prefer Anne Sexton or Sylvia Plath?
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