Womb (kill_inhibition) wrote in thequestionclub,

Do you live in Winnipeg Manitoba?

Would you be interested in temporarily fostering my pet ferret while I'm away traveling?

It would be from Oct 08 until Feb 09. Because it is lengthly I am willing to pay a monthly service fee to the right person. 

Rupert is a silvermitt ferret just under 2 years of age and is deaf. He sleeps most of the day  and is extremely quiet. When he's awake he's playful and loves running around and playing with socks!

He isn't litter trained but prefers a corner of his cage. He's up to date on his shots and has recently had his vet checkup. 

I would be willing to transport him and all of his belongings (and any food/litter he'd need while he's away) within the city. He would also come with emergency contact numbers and his vet location if any problems should arise.
Have you ever experienced anything paranormal first hand? What happened? 

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