For us who are as sad as our love was beautiful. (yumekanau) wrote in thequestionclub,
For us who are as sad as our love was beautiful.

1) Is it strange that I cried during the "Stand Up 2 Cancer" event just shown on TV?

I mean it wasn't so much that I lost a loved one (I did lose my grandfather to lung cancer) but when they said that absolutely anyone can get cancer it really struck me and I thought about my dad (whose the son of my grandfather who passed and the son of my biological grandmother who also passed away because of cancer), my aunts and uncles, my cousins, and my brother especially, because we're connected to people who had cancer.
And then they sang that song (those various female artists) and I just had to get up and take a breather before I completely broke down.

It's just so, so sad. I know crying won't make a difference but I do plan to donate later on tonight.

I know it's silly but I am a very very emotional person.

2) What's something that really struck you recently (it doesn't have to be sad like that of course)?
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