Lost in the world, playing the blame game. (rubberheadz_inc) wrote in thequestionclub,
Lost in the world, playing the blame game.

So today in my Spanish II class, we have a new student from Malaysia who doesn't speak very good english. The teacher calls her up to her desk to get her arranged for class and stuff. She opens her mouth and speaks and that catches the attention of this irritating little girl that sits next to me in that class.
Because of her unusual accent she asks her: "Hey, where do you come from?"
The Malaysian girl doesn't say anything or even look at her, but it wasn't in a rude way at all, she just didn't hear her apparently.
The girl who asked her the question goes: "I can't believe she ignored me!"
Another girl asks her and does grab her attention and tells her.
This proceeds the other girl to go: "I don't like her, she ignored me but talked to you."

How would you react/think if you were a witness to this?
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