XY (la_nostalgia) wrote in thequestionclub,

What should I do for my aunt?

My aunt has been the greatest support in my life. She has given me material things that my parents haven't been able to afford, she has clothed me. She always drives me whenever I need to go somewhere outside town, to the hospital, college, shopping... lately she has become somewhat of a.... moral supporter.

She's that sort of person who has a job and still manages to raise a family and bake cookies for everyone. She's modern, yet old-fashioned. Whenever I ask her how I can repay her she says all she needs is to work and make people happy, because that makes her happy. The last time I made her a bday present, she made me feel silly for doing it for her at all, because she was so persistant into making me believe she didn't need anything of that sort. In her words, all she wants is to see me do well in college (with all the help she can give me) and get a good job so I could provide for myself, and grow up to be an independent and strong person.

I believe she deserves something. Is it really all she wants? I believe it would make her troumendesly happy to see me succeed, but I want to give her something more immediate. I am not very emotional and expressive, such things make me feel ridiculous, more so with my aunt who is very dismissive when it comes to showing my affection to her.

What am I to do for her?
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