Black Wolf (det_munch) wrote in thequestionclub,
Black Wolf

I was e-mailing my cover letter and resume to my alma mater for a clerical type position and had already attached them when I went to look at the letter for something else, and realized I had forgotten to tweak the letter from the last time I used it, I generally use the same basic letter or resume and just tweak it for the specific job.-the last paragraph was about how I would be a good employee for ______. Usually I read through the letter when I do it to make sure I change the place I'm applying to but I had been tired then, thank god I caught it before I sent it.

So, this brings me to my question. While applying for a job what is the stupidest or silliest mistake you've made? If it applies, as an employee who hires/interviews people what is the stupidest or silliest thing you've seen?
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