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I feel for the pressure and got one of those yourmanga avatars. Do you think mine looks like a boy or a girl?

Recently there was a mistake in an apple pie recipe in a Swedish Food magazine instead of a pinch of grated nutmeg it called for 20 grated nutmegs. At least one person followed the recipe then served it to guests and 4 people ended up at the hospital from nutmeg poisoning. Now I'm no cooking expert myself but I known for a long time that nutmeg should be enjoyed in small quantities. I also know that to much nutmeg at once is pretty vile.

How clueless would you have to be to grate 20 nutmegs for an apple pie and never question things like why nutmeg are sold in such small packages for one thing? Being interested enough in cooking to get a magazine on the subject but not knowing that too much nutmeg is bad for you?

How extremely polite would you have to be to eat enough of an apple pie containing that much nutmeg to get sick? It must tasted horrendous! I mean I'm all for eating up what you are offered even if it's not as tasty that you hoped when you put it on your plate but there must be some limit for that, right?
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