jessica (ujay) wrote in thequestionclub,

do you have any OCD (not necessarily by the book) tendencies? if so, what are they?

i horde 1/4 full bottles of body wash/shampoo. i have about a dozen under my bathroom sink.
when i go out to restaurants, i always have to sit in the inside-right corner of a booth/table on the side closest to whichever direction i'm walking towards it. if that makes any sense at all. if someone gets in there before i do, i have to ask them to please move.
i collect chapsticks. i also apply it vigorously for about 30 seconds; then i lick it off; then i re-apply... i do this all day.
i have a lexical aversion to the word panties. i literally struggle saying it out loud. it's not because of the thing the word represents, it's because of the way the word sounds.
all of the labels on everything i own in my apartment have to be facing front. all the time. including everything in my fridge and cupboards.
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