bait in the wolf trap (petitfour) wrote in thequestionclub,
bait in the wolf trap

1. Are you a handy person, as in are you adept with tools and basic carpentry?

2. If so, can you help me with this thing?

I'm a bit new to putting together any Ikea item that uses anything other than that little turny key thing. This table has been going fine enough but I've hit a snag. I have this piece and this screw:

You screw them together with the joint piece like this:

Unfortunately every single time every single side it only goes in this far, even with me cranking on it like my life depends on it.

I tried tightening them with this on the high torque setting, but it only strips the screw head.

I know I'm going to have to go to the hardware store tomorrow and buy new screws. I've already tried widening each hole with the drill bit, deepening it a little as well and I get the same result. I'm out of ideas. Should I buy smaller screws, and if so, how do I know how much smaller? Should I bring the pieces with me to the store, or should I try going back with them to Ikea?
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