Wily as a coyote (fourcorners) wrote in thequestionclub,
Wily as a coyote

Well, doggone

You're taking your lunch on a nearby park bench. You're reading a book. A mother and her daughter, who looks around 8, sit down next to you, with a dog. The dog is beautiful, with a very unusual, attractive coat. The girl is eating ice cream, and accidentally messes up her shirt. "Look what you did. We'll have to clean you up. Oh...can you watch Boone for 5 minutes, please?", the mother asks you, motioning to her dog. You agree. About a minute later, after they've gone, a strange older woman walks by. She's wearing head-to-toe furs of a strange variety, and a variety of high-quality jewelry. She stops in front of your bench. "My...god, your dog has the most beautiful coat. I must have it. I will give you $25,000 for your dog, sir/madam." It's then that you figure out what's wrong with her furs. They're made from dog pelts. As you're about to say something, the strange lady holds out a thick wad of $100 dollar bills.

What do you do?

I surrender the dog to her. Pocket the 25k. Walk off quickly before the mother and daughter come back
I refuse to sell the dog. It's not my dog. That's the only reason I wouldn't do it. And it'd break the girl's heart
SICKO! I would never conspire in a dog's death like that
"If you make it $30k, you have a deal"
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