June (bei_en_lun) wrote in thequestionclub,

my dilemma

My psychology professor doesn't write very coherent notes in class. She just kind of scribbles words on the board and then talks about them. Also, she will talk about a topic for 5 minutes, move on to something else, then go back to what she was originally talking about. She speaks well, and is an intelligent lady, and her classes are enjoyable, but she's hard to follow sometimes because of her non-linear style of teaching. At the end of class, my notes from her are jumbled, making them difficult to study from. I also read the chapters in the book and take my own separate notes, but I know that what she says in class is important too. When studying for a test, I usually type up all my notes to review from. Should I combine her notes and my notes, or keep them separate but reorganize hers?

How do you deal with teachers who give sloppy notes? Do you have any ideas for me on how I can organize them in an efficient way?

ETA: I do take my own class notes, writing down more than just what she writes on the board. These are the ones that end up all jumbled.
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