Tots (xtatyx18) wrote in thequestionclub,

My best friend and I have been planning a trip to NYC for my 21st birthday all summer. We have made plans and talked about it forever. A while ago I mentioned a gay friend of mine wanted to go too but wasnt for sure. She didn't really seem like she minded.

Yesterday, said friend decided he would go. I don't mind because the way I see it, two 21 yr old girls leaving a club/bar at 3/4 am may not be so safe so him going would be cool. She didn't like this too much saying she's never really liked him and can't be herself around him. Later that night she told me she couldn't go to NYC. I got really mad and cried. She called me and told me she was kidding. I was not expecting to react this way and I guess neither was she.

Was she testing how I would react if she backed out now?
Would you be really mad at your best friend if they backed out last minuite when they KNOW how IMPORTANT this trip is?
Was I wrong in letting the 3rd friend come along?

She now wants to invite her boyfriend so she can "be herself" but her b/f doesnt like him either so my prediction is that they'll go to NYC and do they're own thing and we won't be together or hang out at night cause her b/f isnt into that.

What are your thoughts on this whole situation?

Edit: She is now telling me that the money she was waiting on might not come through in time. So she might not be able to go. How convenient.
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