Meow (aerynmoo) wrote in thequestionclub,

Our lease is up October 21st. I should only pay partial rent, right? If I pay $1050 a month, how much partial rent should I pay? I suck at math.

My realtor's wife just had a baby yesterday. Inconvenient for me y/n? Especially since we're trying to close by the 30th.

Do you hate calling people on the phone? How do you get over that? I was supposed to call 3 home inspectors yesterday and compare and contrast their rates and services.

I picked out a bunch of different paint cards with different shades of green on them for my son's room. I had my husband pick out 4 cards that he liked the best. I am trying to narrow it down to 4 colors that my son can choose from. Should I post a poll later on today and let you guys choose the 4 colors for me?

Will you send me a pizza? I'm hungry.
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