jerk_face_bish (jerk_face_bish) wrote in thequestionclub,

When I was a freshman in college, I remember going to different rock shows and swooning and getting super excited over the bands I was seeing (and sometimes the hot lead singers/drummers, etc). I went to a Head Automatica show on my 18th birthday, and one of my friends told the lead singer that it was my birthday, so he grabbed my face and sang to me during my favorite song. I was elated and a bit star struck (i grew out of that, and fast).

however, I was just listening to that same song that he sang to me (i havent heard it in years). It made me feel  giddy and all happy like. i was thinking to myself "omg, he totally sang to me and it was such a great moment" then I snapped out of it.

have you ever heard/smelled/encountered anything that brought you back to a certain time in your life that made you get all fuzzy and giddy inside?  if so, what?

if not, whats a song that you could put on repeat all day and listen to over and over?
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