Aliza (azila) wrote in thequestionclub,

larger waisted jeans

I'm a 19 year old female, 5'3, and about 123-125 pounds. I used to be 105-107 pounds, and gained a lot of weight over the last year. Ick...

Anyway, today I had to go shopping for new jeans (pooey), and kept having to go up sizes. It seemed like they were all too tight in my hips/waist area.... After trying on about a million pairs, I ended up coming home with two...

Does anybody have any suggestions of particular brands and models of jeans that are looser at the hips/waist?

I'm motivated now, and hoping I'll be able to loose some of this extra weight soon, but I have nothing to wear right now. I'm also pretty poor, so inexpensive is best.

Clothes are a pain in the ass. Why don't we all just run around naked?
If we get cold, we could just grab a blanket...

Edit: I don't think I'm fat, and you guys shouldn't either. My problem is just that I carry a lot of that new weight in my waist/hips, so no matter how large a size of jeans I get, they still feel too tight in my waist.
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