Ashley (lupinlover) wrote in thequestionclub,


Okay TQC. My little sister (6th grade) has these word/math problems she can't solve. I'm wondering if anyone here has any answers, just for my own peace of mind (she's sleeping and I'm not going to help her cheat):

1. In the mountains there is a cabin. inside, three people lie dead. The cabin is locked from the inside and there is no sign of a struggle or of any weapons. What happend?
clues: all three died at the same time. Their deaths were violent, but accidental.

2. The Danish goverment issues all the staff in one government free biscuits every morning. Why?

The biscuits are not for the staff's own consumption. They give them away. They give the biscuits away for their own protection.

Nevermind. googled it. but you can try answering anyway I guess.
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