The fear you won't fall. (dennings) wrote in thequestionclub,
The fear you won't fall.

sorry if this is tl;dr

Would this be inappropriate?

I go to a school where everything is flexible. It's for people who didn't mesh well with the regular school system or need to upgrade their courses after graduating. It's the same course work and everything is equivalent to what you would be doing at a normal school. It just works better for some kids. Anyway, I was having a difficult time last year mentally and it prevented me from showing up everyday like I had at the beginning of the year. When I would show up, it was noticed by the youth worker at the school. She allowed me to open up to her and in vice versa, she opened up to me which is something she said she wouldn't normally do but she thought what she went through would help me.

Every time I came she'd hug me and tell me I made her day by showing up. She just made it so much easier being there and helped me a lot. I was really excited for the new school year because I'm doing well and I was wanting to show her and thank her for all her support.

Well yesterday I went in and found out that she's moved to China to teach english as a second language. I'm really disappointed because I really wanted to thank her. Subsequently, I looked her up on facebook and found hers. Would it be inappropriate to just message her (not add) and thank her for her help and that what she did really made a difference for me? Or would it be inappropriate because she was SORT OF a teacher to me.

I don't really have another way to get a hold of her, and all I want to do is thank her.

Edit: Okay thanks everybody, I think I'll do it then :)
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