Mr. O (conflabit) wrote in thequestionclub,
Mr. O

You are a bounty hunter, hired by a collection of angry people with sharp and burny things to hunt down one "Ginge R. Breadman"-- apparently he did something they don't approve of, like messing with Texas, and they want his blood. Or, icing, I guess would be the more likely thing in this situation. I don't know. But they say he can run. He's like Forrest Gump, but without the touching moments and haircut. And the shrimping business. Okay, so he isn't like Forrest Gump.

Anyway, you run into this guy in the depths of French Canada, fighting bears off with what looks like a hand-axe. You can't tell, because it's dark out and the lighting in French Canada needs to be adjusted. But in the end, he sees you and you two must now fight (you have a pre-emptive strike, though, and range.)

What will you do?
1- Use Dark Charizard to end the fight quickly and have delicious ginge r. breadman dinner?
2- Double click his power cord? [gross]
3- Stand still except for, periodically, running out a few feet and making an attacking motion in his general direction and he respond accordingly? Also, wonder where the numbers come from?
4- Use the blood of the dead bears to gain some kind of ancient bear spirit and eat his gingerbread face?
5- Talk things out in a civilized manner?
6- Get killed because you can't see in the dark?
7- Kill yourself because there's no way you can beat a guy who took down two bears with a hand-axe?
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