dinahsorus (dinahsorus) wrote in thequestionclub,

1. Do you have one person in your group of friends that annoys the hell out of you, but everyone hangs out with because they feel sorry for them?

There's this one guy my friends and I keep around reluctantly because we can go crash at his house whenever we want.. he didn't graduate highschool, is not making any effort to get his GED, is always broke because he can't hold a job and spends his money on ridicious things, is a begger who believes he can choose, has to have a word in EVERYTHING, enjoys giving advice in subjects he has absolutely no experience in or very little at all, believes that he is the "head hancho" of our little group, believes that everything that is our is his..
EDIT: "oops.. let we re-word that.. I left a bunch of stuff out..sorry.  we don't crash like spend the night.. we just go hang out. We actually bring him food and drive him around to help him with his errands.. but he's taking it too far by making it seem like we owe our lives to him while he doesn't do anything to help himself.. one friend has offered to bring him to and from school if he enrolled.. and another is offering to drive him to and from work if he gets a job"

2. Do you still hang out with them? or what ever did happen to them?

On a different note:

3. Has anyone here tried the new Camel Crush?

They killed all the cravings I have for smoking. I never want to look, taste or smell a cigarette ever again.

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